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Recovery Stories

Everyone who’s in recovery has a unique story that can be very powerful when shared.  Sharing your story gives hope to those who listen.  When someone who identifies with that story sees a successful result they can believe it’s also possible for them.  The stories listed below and continued on subsequent pages offer hope and encouragement to anyone willing to read them.  

Stan's Story -- Codependency -- A family problem

Addiction is truly a family disease. We had 2 children and both of them have had issues with addiction. One of my children has struggled for over 20 years with this disease. I struggle with codependency. . .  

Nick's Story -- Drug Addiction

I went from a successful twenty-something with a job I loved and a bright future, to a dead broke 32 year old who could only focus on how I could get another pain pill. . .

Sandi's Story -- Grief

We all experience many kinds of loss during our lives. As I approach my 70th birthday, that certainly has been true for me.  The last few years, however, have been filled with profound, unexpected loss that has shaken me to my core and affected every area of my life.

Jerry's Story -- Drug Addiction

Recovery is a journey and I think of my own recovery as if were a road trip.  Traveling the “road to recovery” is unlike any road trip I’ve ever been on.  Sometimes it’s an adventure, sometimes it’s torture, and it’s always a challenge. 

Zach's Story -- Codependency

Me? A codependent? No way! 

Actually, yes. You see, I’m a classic codependent. 

Codependents are people whose own health and well-being is directly tied to the health and well-being of someone they love. 
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